After MOM and dad broke up how children are calm

  end of the marriage is a major fault in the process of life, and everyone associated with it takes time to make up for the heart cracks. Adults need time to heal, but also to help children heal, only child together hand in hand in order to get out of feelings of guilt and anger, stop yourself, or blame others. So that you and your child will have a laugh and be happy.
parents want in a simple and objective explanations of words, do not use complicated or accusing each other of not saying, it may spoil the kids dad (MOM) image. Parents would be able to calmly tell them the best, and if I don't make it, and children respectively in private communication, but that prior consultation well.
all in all, children of any age might think: "MOM and dad because I things, so they're getting divorced? "If children have such concerns, parents should be aware of and certainly told him:" caused by the break up is not your MOM and dad, but problems between adults. ”


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