Composition of children problems to solve

  the ancient past "six arts": ritual, music, archery, Royal, books, digital. One of the "book" includes compositions. Compositions for many children, is a great headache thing; in a world where many adults, the most unpleasant thing, might include writing. So, communication and writing, not only the child credits short to test, but also related to----it is in adult life---learning, basic skills for work and life needs.
want to solve the problem of children's writing, first of all depends on whether you are willing to make minor changes. As in the past if you do walk away parent, bought many books will leave him alone after absorption, or throw one to the learning outside the classroom, their pay and leave. That you find these approaches all wear new shoes, as usual. If you are unwilling to play a supporting role, it leads--our children, his play would not be wonderful. Parenting is the most responsible, most cost-effective education.
composition skills for a method, but I still wanted to say: the most efficient and useful way, is your learning with our children. Your small change, will bring a huge improvement.

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