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Confinement to join
Confinement to join

 , maternal and child care training teachers
1. between ages 28~45sui.
2. physical health, good image, and strong communication skills.
3. have the birth experience, and maternal and child nursing home experience.
4. high school education
5. child caring, patience, and a strong sense of responsibility.
6. Xiamen account or secured, there have been medical working experience is preferred.
7. salary: basic salary + High Commission (an average of more than 2000 Yuan)
b/month/parental Sao
required: between
1, age, experience with children or children.
2, physical health disability, handsome, non-communicable diseases, skin diseases, no way.
3, standing about 1.55 metres, junior high school or higher education.
4, child caring, patience, and a strong sense of responsibility. Preschool working experience is preferred.
5. Treatment: negotiable
III. recruitment clerk
1, high school and college education, good humor, good at communication, has an affinity for females.
2, have good moral character and good health;
3, are familiar with distribution and alignment of Xiamen hospitals;
4, there is work experience preferred.
four, Clerk job description:
1, responsible for the day-to-day maintenance of the company's Web site, upload images, add information
2, responsible for the company's business and day-to-day publicity and promotion of the Web site;
3, the answered the phone through QQ, SMS, telephone or any other means to promote business, solving customer problems.
served conditions:
1, and secondary above degree;
2, and understand computer, can master Office Automation related software, has website promotion and column maintenance experience;
3, and has love, has responsible, strong of communication coordination and language expression capacity;
4, and skilled using Office Office software and the automation equipment, has basic of network knowledge;
5, and image temperament better, character cheerful, ladies priority.

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